Regional Flood Plan Development

Trinity Basin

In 2019, The Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 8 that directed the creation of the first-ever State Flood Plan for Texas. The State Flood Plan, which will be prepared by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), will follow a similar planning approach that has been used for water supply planning for 20+ years. The TWDB has designated 15 regional flood planning areas throughout the state. The Regional Flood Planning Groups (RFPGs) are responsible for developing regional flood plans in accordance with TWDB requirements and guidelines by January 2023. The TWDB will combine the regional plans into the first state flood plan by September 2024. The overall goal of the RFPGs is to determine the nature of flood risk in the regions, evaluate flood mitigation and management practices, and identify projects that reduce flood risk without negatively affecting neighboring areas.

Who can help? The RFPG is seeking participation from everyone affected by flooding. Using the boxes below, please select which type of stakeholder you represent. If you have any trouble, technical issues or wish to coordinate directly with us, please email us.

When is it due? There was an initial target date of July 24, 2021. However, since data collection is so essential for our "bottom-up" approach to be successful, any submissions provided after this date will still be considered as the evaluation process allows. We strongly encourage you to submit information either through the data collection tool or, alternatively, to email your flood-related projects to Stephanie Griffin,

Seeking additional information?

  • A region synopsis providing additional information regarding this region is located here.
  • A listing of commonly used flood related acronyms is located here.
  • A link to TWDB's Flood Planning information is located here.
Information provided is subject to the Texas Public Information Act (Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code).

Community Representative?

Community Stakeholders in the RFPG process include individuals with flood-related responsibilities, such as County and Community officials and Staff as well as Federal, State, regional, and local authorities, utilities and districts.

By logging on with your email address and the password provided, you can help provide the RFPGs with localized knowledge of flood planning resources and validate a wide array of flood risk data. Through this data collection effort the RFPG is requesting community stakeholders:

  • Provide information about your contact information and flood-related responsibilities.
  • Verify collected flood information through an entity-specific backgrounder.
  • Respond to questions to support the development of the regional flood plan.
  • Verify and provide geospatial data through data uploads and web maps.

The RFPG appreciates any information you are able to verify and provide with the understanding that it may not be possible to provide response to all items.

Member of the Public?

Public Stakeholders in the RFPG process include general public individuals, groups, and organizations including non-profit and non-governmental organizations with an interest in providing information to support flood planning efforts.

By providing your name, address, and email address, you can help provide the RFPG with localized knowledge of flood prone areas and areas where flood mitigation is needed. Your contact information is used to document who is providing information in case we have any follow-up questions.

Once you enter your information, an interactive web map of the region will open. A search feature in the lower right corner of the map enables you to zoom to a particular address. Using the add feature tool, you can leave one or more location pins including a comment or description about flood issues/concerns.